All of us want to win financially, right?  We all dream of living amazing lives filled with purpose, happiness – and all without any financial concerns.  Yet how many people actually achieve any of these things – especially financial freedom?  The numbers are staggeringly low.  The average household in the United States today has less than $1,000 in savings and is, on average, 90 days from filing for bankruptcy if they lose their primary source of income.  Believe me when I say that none of us want to be on a ship that is about to sink.

So what can you do in 2022 to move yourself in a positive financial direction and set the stage for incredible achievements in the future?  Consider the following:

  1. Make a commitment to change your financial situation this year.  Nothing changes unless you make a decision to change it.  Make that choice now.  Decide that your financial future must take a new direction, and that it starts NOW!
  2. Understand your present financial circumstances.  Get gut-level honest with yourself about your income, expenses, and debt – and – more importantly – why you are where you are.
  3. Develop a plan for moving forward.  What are you going to do differently?  How are your spending habits going to change?  What debts are you going to eliminate and how will you do that?
  4. Get to work!  Put action into your plan.
  5. Monitor progress.  Review your progress at least weekly to make sure you stay on track.
  6. Celebrate little successes.  Find inexpensive (free) ways to pat yourself on the back when you’ve made progress.
  7. If you get stuck, engage a financial coach.  Working with a coach can greatly accelerate your progress and help you see opportunities that you’ve missed.