It may seem trite, but we all need to find out what we ultimately want our lives to count for.  When it’s all said and done and you’re at the end of your life — when you look back — what will have been important to you?  What will you have accomplished that you are proud of?  What lives will you have impacted in a positive way?  What could you have done — or become — that you fell short of?

You must have an overarching purpose in life.  If you are struggling with that, I highly recommend that you get my latest book, Purpose Driven Achievement.  It’s available on both Amazon and Audible.  If you get it and do the work it suggests, it will change your life forever.

Once you discover your purpose, you need to create a plan for your life.  Developing this plan involves looking at, and clearly understanding, what you need to accomplish in order to achieve your purpose — and even more importantly — understanding who you need to become in order to prepare yourself to be the person who can accomplish that purpose.

Your life can be one of great achievement, joy, fulfillment, impact, and significance.  It all starts with finding your purpose.