Getting Back to the Basics

I’ve been in the business arena for over 40 years.  21 of them have been as a business consultant and business and personal coach.  One of the most powerful lessons I have learned and passed on to those with whom I am blessed to work is:

In times of crisis, go back to the basics

When the Green Bay Packers football team was experiencing a losing season, famous coach Vince Lombardi gathered the entire team together, held up a football, and said, “This, gentlemen, is a football!”  It was a call to get back to the basics of the game.

As I read many blog posts on what to do through the Covid-19 pandemic, I am surprised by the number of high tech, esoteric solutions being offered – and I think that we should be doing exactly the opposite – because I’ve seen the basics work over and over again, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Getting back to the basics involves considering our roots.  It’s all about renewing ourselves – understanding what we do well and what has enabled us to achieve the success we’ve enjoyed to date – no matter how humble that success may seem.

Here’s a good example:

I was watching TV last night and I heard a segment that highlighted Kent Taylor, CEO of the restaurant chain Texas Roadhouse.  When Covid-19 hit, they had to shut down most of their 563 locations and lay off most of their employees.  That was not acceptable to Kent, so here is what he did.  Getting back to the basics of his business – providing quality food to the public – he developed a new business model that includes:

  • Giving up his salary for the benefit of his employees
  • Opening his restaurants and serving people outside so that they can maintain a safe distance from others while they eat
  • Selling beef products that people can take home to cook
  • Enhancing their takeout process so patrons can quickly and easily pick up their delicious food
  • Beginning the process of revamping their restaurants so people can dine safely inside

That, my friends, is getting back to basics.  It will be successful because it is the right thing to do, it honors his associates, and it provides a valuable service to the community.

But let’s take the concept of getting back to basics to a more personal level, shall we?

When we are facing danger or a crisis in our lives – or in our nation – where do we turn?  The answer to this question depends on the answer to another question:

Upon what foundation have you built your life?

Every house is built on a foundation and the strength of that foundation determines how well that house will survive during a major storm. 

In the New Testament portion of the Bible, Jesus told the story of two men who were building houses.  One built his house on a foundation of rock and the other built his house on a foundation of sand.  A massive storm arose, and the wind and the rain came and pummeled the two houses.  The house on the rock stood firm and survived – but the house on the sand collapsed and was completely destroyed.

When it comes to your life, what foundational choices have you made?  Have you built your life on a solid foundation – a rock – or have you built on shaky ground like sand?  One way to know which one you have chosen is by examining how you are responding to the current crisis facing our nation and the world.  Are you responding with FAITH, or are you reacting in FEAR?

If you’re not responding with faith, maybe you need to take the time to re-examine your foundation.  My prayer is that you will choose your foundation wisely as you move forward.  Feel free to reach out to me if I can help in any way.

God bless you all!