Daniel Burnham was a famous architect in America who died in Chicago in 1912.  This brief bit of background gives us an understanding of the somewhat confusing words in the quote above.  Even though its meaning may not be crystal clear, Burnham’s words are exceptionally important.

In essence what Burnham is challenging us to do is to DREAM BIG — and he is cautioning us that small dreams are a waste of time.  With this is mind, what big dreams do you have for your life?

I believe that each of us — down deep inside — want to live meaningful lives.  Although our dreams may be buried under layers of doubt, criticism, negative thoughts, and the lack of self confidence to see them come true — they are still there.  We can choose to let them stay buried, or we can take the time to uncover them, dust them off, and allow them to reignite that passion that they once stirred in us.  Then we can choose to lay the foundational plans that will see these dreams come true.

If you are yearning for a life of fulfillment, joy, prosperity, impact, and significance, then take the time, as we begin a new year, to dust off those dreams that have been lying dormant for all these years.  Let them reenergize you heart, mind, and soul — and then get to work to seem them become reality.