During this challenging time for the entire world, many are being paralyzed by their fears. 

Some people are saying that we need to ignore our fears – you know, just suck it up and deal with it – and go on with our lives.  The problem with this approach is that fear is real.  The only way to effectively deal with fear is to face it and take action in spite of it.

One way to do this, especially during times of crisis, is to take our eyes off ourselves and begin focusing on blessing others.  The following acronym for BLESS shows us how.

B = Begin with Prayer

Approach every day – every situation – with an attitude of prayer.  Prayer is a powerful tool that God uses to guide us as we face our fears and seek to serve and help others. 

L = Listen with Care

Listen to others and really hear them.  Listen intently, care deeply, respond compassionately.  Everyone needs to know that he or she matters to someone.  Let them know they matter to you.

E = Eat Together

Even in the midst of a pandemic, we can still eat together.  Gather with family and friends on FaceTime, Skype, Google Chat, or Zoom.  Eat together.  Celebrate life.  Call your best friend for coffee.  Engage with people using the methods and technology available to you.

S = Serve and Love

Serve others with love.  Have an elderly neighbor?  Offer to get groceries for him.  One nurse in our neighborhood left a note in everyone’s mailbox saying that, if they need anything from the store, to call or text her and she will deliver.

What other ways can you think of to serve others?  How about:

  • Calling a different friend every day to check in on them
  • Sending someone a private message on Facebook
  • Sending a humorous email to friends to let you know you are thinking about them
  • Text an emoji to someone special

Remember that acts of kindness don’t have to be complicated to be both special and meaningful.  It’s the small things that we do that often touch people the deepest.

S = Share Your Story

While you are doing all of the above, share your story with others.  Let them know what God has done for you, and how they have blessed and enriched your life.  You will find that being a blessing to others results in you being blessed even more in return.